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28 July 1984
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Hi all! Well, I won't keep you long, so here's me:

I'm 22 and just finishing studying French and Sociology at Northumbria University. I'm quite a quiet person in real life, though I'm very outgoing online (my true personality comes out easier on the net) and when I get to know people well. I like to sing, virtually anything that I can, and I like to dance when I'm alone in my room where noone can laugh at me. I'm a big Il Divo fan (a Cutie if you're familiar with the forum) but I'll listen to most music, especially show tunes and opera (long as it's not too out-there) and some rock.

I'm very interested in wicca and like to study various religions to learn about them as much as possible. I don't know enough about wicca to feel comfortable calling myself a witch, but I'm definitely that way inclined. I'm basically into anything intellectual, and anything to do with the arts or history, though I do have a quirky side to me. I also ADORE animals.

That's more or less me for now, but if you want to know more, just ask!
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