songbird72884 (songbird72884) wrote,

So yesterday (or the other day since it's no longer Thursday), Mum's looking at a map of the States and looking for Plymouth, Indiana. The following ensued:

Me: What are you looking for?
Mum: Indiana
Me: Well where is it in the book?
Mum: What?
Me: Indiana
Mum: *pointing to the page she was on* It's right there
Me: so why are you looking in the index (as she flips back tothe index)
Mum: Because I'm looking for Indiana for God's sake!


Me: So where's Warsaw? (not meaning the Poland one)
Mum: Innianda. I mean Innianna. I mean Indianda. Oh for God's sake! It's there! *pointing to the page*

And later in the evening, when I had reworked a song to sound like the chipmunks:

Mum: (with headphones on her head, listening to the song) That's great! How did you do that?
Me: I have a program on my computer that has a pitch enhancer in it
Mum: What's a pigeon hancer?

Gotta love antihistamines :-D
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