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Yay! my cushions are finally sellling ^_^ I finally got permission to post about them on a forum I'm on, on I think Wednesday, and I've already got orders for 5 o_O Only problem is that my pot pourri just doesn't want to take on the scent so that at the moment, my cinnamon smells like cloves and nutmeg, my vanilla smells like buttercream (which is ok since buttercream's yummy), my lavender smells like lavender (SUCCESS!) and my rose smells like a pile of fresh cut grass and dahlias. I'm currently overloading it with rose oil and then I'm going to bake it a bit to dry it out, see if that draws out the scent a little (as it would appear that the 'dried star flowers' I got aren't so much dried as 'facecloth hung over the edge of the bath for 4 hours' dried, ie, almost dry but with slight residual dampness). But, luckily, the only ones I have definite confirmation on scent for are vanilla ones, so I can get those done and scent off (if you'll pardon the pun :P).

Oooooh, and I also got picked as a new moderator on the unofficial Il Divo fan club site, which is gooood. it may not be a big deal or anything, but for someone who's never really done anything much useful outside of the home before, it's a big deal for me, because for once I have a role that's useful and fun, and can lead to more friends, which is always a good thing.

Thirdfully, I got a letter through the post from our M.E. group, asking if I want to 'do it again', namely abseiling off the Tyne Bridge. I took one look at it and burst out laughing. Yes, I did it last year, and yes I earned money for the group, and yes it was well worth it for the charity and the awareness we raised, and yes, it was kinda fun, in that 'oh my god I actually survived, I really am invincible' kinda way, but there is NO WAY IN HELL they are getting me back up there. It took me ten minutes just to stop shaking enough to get over the edge, and then another ten minutes to get rid of the shaking AGAIN once they'd found a box tall enough for me to stand on to actually get over the edge. And let me tell you, if you've never been abseiling before, it's a great way to find out what a thong feels like when it's fitting wrong. They strapped me into the harness, and the harness didn't quite take into account the fact that I'm shorter than a person of my girth would normally be, so all the way down that rope I was practically flat on my back with two straps around my legs alternating between wrapping themselves under my knees and trying to cut me in half up through the middle. I walked funny for hours after that. And they want me to do it again? Nooooooo thankyou.

And while I'm on the subject of ridiculousness, what on earth is it with dog dogs (as opposed to bitch dogs) and PEEING!?! I mean, I know they're marking their territory and lal that jazz, but is it really necessary to walk along half a block sniffing and peeing on every single doorstep? And then, once they've done that, is it really necessary to do the exact same thing on the way back, on the exact same route in the exact same spots, sniffing their OWN markings and re-scenting, even when they've run out of pee? It struck me this morning just how ridiculous that is, when I was walking Buddy (our little Shih Tzu). He walked down the street, sniffing and marking every yard, and then did his little lamppost-sniff-n-pee before turning around and heading back. on the way back, he did the same thing, but about halfway along, he ran out, so that he was raising his leg and nothing was happening. And then, stupid little canine he is, he wandered along to the next yard, sniffed the entrance, and rather than even raising his leg, he just stood with his butt up against the wall for a second. I mean, what is that?! If a dog's gotta try and mark, he can at least TRY to pee. Yet more evidence that even in other species, the male is still obsessed with being superior, even when it's all show.

Anywho, that's my rant over with, and my news told, see y'all later!
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