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Ok, so if a dream is a wish your heart makes, does that mean I wish to be chased by giant killer bees? Or trapped on top of a hill during a tornado? I think not.

Walt Disney seriously needed to rethink his logic.

Anywho, this is just a short one as I'm seriously tired, but just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ours didn't go all that well, dad got taken into hospital on Christmas morning with severe (read: pounding on the chair arm in agony) stomach pains, at about 11am. We didn't actually get any information at all about him until 6:30pm when they told us he was being moved to a different hospital. Bout an hour or so later we were told he'd been given some morphine and was 'comfortable' and would be kept in overnight and that we should ring back at 10:30 in the morning. So we did. We were told to ring back in 15 minutes. We did. We were told the doctor needed to see him and that they would ring us back in about half an hour. 12:30 rolls round and noone's called, so I call them. Get told that he's well enough to come home but needs to go back 'later in the week to undergo a procedure'. 'What kind of procedure?' asks moi, 'Just a simple one' answers the lovely but rather dim nurse, 'What time will he be coming home?' I ask, praying for an iota of info, 'Well you can just come in as you normally would and he'll go home with you'. Yeah, we usually drive in but we just thought we'd grab the carpet and fly over today, just for a change. THAT'S USUALLY WHAT HAPPENS LADY! You drive in, dad gets in the car, you drive out. So I ask her, ever so politely, ' Well what time will we be able to bring him home?'. 'Just come through as you normally would.' So I begin to get a tad frustrated. 'Okay' says I, 'We would normally come through during visiting hours so we don't bother anyone, what time should we come through as we have no idea when visiting hours are'. '2 til 5 and 6-8'. By now I'm thanking every god, goddess, saint and angel in existence that I've gotten one straight answer out of her, so I got for broke. 'So if we come through for 3, he'll be ready?' 'Well his pills are down at the pharmacy now.' The head hits the wall and I give up. 'Okay, we'll be there between 3 and 4'. All that to find out what time to pick dad up. I HATE HOSPITALS. Especially on Xmas/ Boxing day, and especially the day before dad's bday.

Oh well, at least one good thing's come out of it, Dad's finally got a chance at sorting out the half-baked job the doctors are making of his treatment. Ironic thing is, they've doing a check on Thursday thinking it's a kidney stone causing his agonizing pain in his kidneys that he had the last two times he had kidney stones. Ya know what's funny? He just had his review with the specialist on Thursday and was told he was clear of kidney stones, even had xrays done and they apparently showed him clear. Comical huh?

So yeah, I cannot wait til Dec 31 when I shall celebrate wholeheartedly the end of this joke called a year and the beginning of a new one.

Merry Christmas/ Giftmas and a Blessed Yule to everyone out there, and hopefully I shall be able to post again in time to wish you a happy entrance into the New Year!

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