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Well, I can now officially say that my exams are OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Had my interpreting exam approximately an hour ago and it was sheer torture. Of course Peter came out of his yesterday with the usual 'oh yeah, it was fiiiiiiine, no problem at all!'. Yeah, unless you've got a short-term memory with about as much retaining capacity as a hula hoop, like mine. Went okay at first, then got halfway through and WHAM! the memory block hits, and I can't remember more than half a sentence at a time. So I had to ask the lecturer to repeat some of the stuff about 4 times through, not good. Speaking of which, I'm currently hunched in my chair because she just walked in and I sooooo don't need a lecture about memory exercises right now. So yeah, got through that bit, eventually, and then managed the last bit relatively painlessly, if painless is anything less than wanting to rip your fingernails out because that'd probably hurt less. Came out, still shaking, and the next guy's standign outside as if he's waiting for his turn in the bathroom! I wanted to strangle him. Well, not really coz he's nice, but u know what I mean.

Anyways, in other news, my stories are coming along nicely (for those of you who don't know, I write fanfiction about whoever and whatever piques my interest and currently it's Il Divo so I've got 2 stories on the go about them. One's currently on part 18 and the other's on part 7, they're the kind where you post a bit when you've written it so it can go on as long as people want it to, which is good). People really seem to like them, which is great because it means I get good practice, and they're never shy about giving me pointers when I need them or go off track.

Also, I have a new family! No, not really, they're my 'adopted' family, in the sense that we treat each other as if we really were family and we're as close as family. There's Auntie Aileen (who's nowhere near as old as real Auntie Elaine so I don't need to worry about getting them confused, besides both of them being awesome), then there's my two new sisters Lauren (Loz) and Brandie (Bran). So there's Aileen from Scotland, Bran from the States and Loz from Australia, isn't that cool? Yeah, I'm easily pleased. They're all totally nuts, like me, but that's what makes it so awesome, we have huuuuuuuuge long conversations about absolute nonsense, great stress-reliever. Loz and Bran write fanfic as well, and they're both absolutely awesome at it. Plus, Loz's new story has me in it! So cool! Yeah, like I said, easily pleased :P

So, how's everyone doing? Nobody ever posts on my lj anymore :'( it makes me sad and all left-out-feeling. Well, not really, but it does get lonely on here. Okay, I'm done, I shall updatify more later, when I feel like typing more. If anybody's completely insane and fancies reading my stories and giving me feedback (probably helps if you like Il Divo, though it's not totally essential), bearing in mind that they're not finished, they're works in progress, just post and I'll give you a link to them.

See y'all later!!!
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