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U know what I hate? When the simplest thing in the world simply will not go to plan. Mum was working on my Grad ball dress today and she had sewn all the pieces of it together, a lovely full-ish skirt and fitted upper half. Or not. It would seem that the picture of the pattern is somewhat misleading in comparison to the actual pattern. As I said to mum, my gold dress has become a gold corset. Despite being supposedly the right size and having a flowing skirt, the actual pattern is for a dress about 2 sizes too small (despite mum having added extra fabric for the seam allowance) and the 'flowing skirt' is virtually as tight as a trouser leg. So yeah, I'm not happy at the pattern people because, since it's virtually impossible to adjust it without the dress looking awful, and there's no way she could get fabric and re-cut and sew the entire thing again in time, I now have to go out tomorrow morning, before my interpreting exam tomorrow and get some sort of tummy trimmer or something in an attempt to shrink my entire figure 2-3 sizes. HA! Fat chance! (if you'll pardon the pun) I mean, one size, maybe, but 2-3? I'd need a proper corset for that, and I really don't fancy the prospect of getting out of THAT after the ball.

Phew, rant over, I need sleep. Nighty nighty all!

Oh yeah, great news! I found an old friend of mine from High School on here! It's soooo cool coz I was just talking bout him the other day and all of a sudden, there he is :-| go figure
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